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25 July 2017 @ 01:24 pm
prove it 16/17  
Title: Prove it.
Author: Azora_S
Pairing: Donghae x Eunhyuk [Haehyuk], Hanchul. Kyumin. Ninja!KyuHyuk.
Rating: PG-13
Length: Chapter 16/? - Previous chapters can be found -- HERE

Summary: "If so prove it. Study. Let’s see you get good grades and if you exceed in next week’s exam with at least a 85% or higher, then I’ll take back everything I said and maybe I’ll even consider going out with you"

Two days ... it has been two days, now on the third actually and that blasted monkey was no where in sight. There were no constant text messages (mostly about some useless shit Eunhyuk had seen through the university campus), or phone calls about what the brown-haired male was up, or even random drop ins at dorm room that Eunhyuk so happens to think was still his. There was nothing. As if the redhead male was avoiding him. Donghae grumbled, flipping through his stupid notes. He had just confessed (not really but it had to mean something when the emotionless robot had expressed his feelings) and it was as if nothing had ever happened. Isn’t this the part in ever shoujo manga where the female lead (not saying Eunhyuk was, but was better off to be) would jump in joy and constantly cling onto the male protagonist (which was evidently and obviously Donghae)? How come nothing like that was happening?

He groaned once more, closing his notes. “Ungrateful shit.” The male grumbled to absolutely no one. He reached over, grabbing his phone from the corner of his desk and skimmed through his notifications. There were messages from Kyuhyun, from Kibum, even Kangin but none from the one that Donghae’s mind was annoyingly wrapped around. Was he actually avoiding him?

It couldn’t be.

At that, there was a sudden knock on the door and as if his ears perked, the male glanced over to notice the surprising presence of Ryeowook. He blinked, not expecting that. “Hey,” Donghae called out first. He stood up, drawing away from his table and closer towards the guest. “What brings you here?” The male was curious, a bit disappointed but that wasn’t as important.

Ryeowook flashed a smile, easily warming up in the other’s room. “I just had a few things I left behind the last time I slept over.” He explained, earning a nod from the older. He proceeded to briefly glance around the place before making his way to his forgotten cardigan that was laid on the side of one of the sofas. Ryeowook eyed over the emptiness of the dorm, now that Eunhyuk wasn't there, and drew a sigh. He had another purpose to the visit, of course and turned his stare back on Donghae.

“I won’t be your next roommate,” the words were sudden and the older quirked his brows, confused. “You know how previously, with Eunhyuk moving out, I was allowed to move in.” Ryeowook continued, eyes back on the dorm room. “Things changed and I probably will be applying to another university instead.” The confession only puzzled the brown-haired male even more but Donghae still nodded. Somehow it seemed like the other didn’t want to dwell too much on the topic and the older knew he was polite enough to not push it. “Thanks for being so nice to me.”

“I hope things work out well for you, Ryeowook.”

And the other smiled, knowing those words were sincere. Throwing a nod, the male made his way back down the room and towards the door, but before he could continue, he stopped, turning around to face the older once more. “I never hated Eunhyuk.” He spoke once more, voice more hushed than before and shook his head with a dry laugh. “I was just envious. He had it all... parents, friends, popularity, you ...” Ryeowook paused, meeting Donghae’s eyes directly. “I was jealous, became an asshole, tried to steal some of his stuff but there was one thing that was unplanned and that was gaining a crush on you.” The younger chuckled as the other was obviously surprised by the confession. Donghae wasn’t expecting that. Perhaps he wasn’t all too smart, after all. “Ryeo---”

“Don’t worry. I have no intentions on stealing something that I can’t attain. I’m not delusional. Plus I told you remember, I don’t hate Eunhyuk. There’s apart of me that wishes some sort of happiness for him.” The male continued, dropping his view to his cardigan, “he deserves it,” and those words were quiet, purposely inaudible but Donghae managed to hear and sketched a soft smile. He reached over, ruffling the gloomy male’s hair, “so do you, that is why I sincerely wish for things to work out.”

The younger chuckled, reaching over to re-fix the strands of his hair before nodding. “Yeah, thanks.”


It was nearly ten at night and Donghae groaned, tossing his phone across his bed. The bird brain of a ex-roommate that he somehow calls his crush (or was it lover?), was still no where in sight. Now this became annoying, the desire to see the goofy redhead was nothing but a nuisance. He was a robot, Donghae doesn’t do feelings so ugh, why does it feel unfair that because of their prior little break and now because of the redhead’s disappearance, their time together kept shortening? It was Christmas break after all, Donghae predicted Eunhyuk to be all over him.

Though, it was then fate decided to intertwine this thoughts one more time and hearing the knocks on his door, the brown-haired male blankly glanced over to see ... the redhead?

“Heeey.” Eunhyuk greeted, a little awkward than usual as he stepped inside and closed the door behind him. He fiddled with his fingers, nervously, as if he had something to say causing Donghae to grumble. He also wasn’t predicting this. It was evidently awkward, the brown-haired male didn’t know what to say at the moment. “So umm, before you get angry, I do have an explanation.” Eunhyuk was quick to jump on, not wanting the other to continuously glare at him as he held his hands out in defense. “I had a few things to settle out ... with my parents.”

And Donghae’s stern, emotionless expression softened.

The redhead exhaled a breath, his fingers returning back to fidgeting. “I told them about how I really felt ... about being neglected at times,”

Donghae observed the other’s expression more than anything, reading and studying the features of the evidently exhausted male, “you don’t have to tell me anything,” and Eunhyuk was quick to cut him off, a smile in place, “I know.” He drew another sigh and nodded his head a couple of times. “Everything has been resolved. I literally didn’t expect it to go that way, I went off at them ... I never did that before and it was obvious they were shocked but still they listened.” Eunhyuk sketched a gentle smile and Donghae’s breath was almost taken away. “They are my parents, after all. But things are good. Everything is good in fact. I got them into agreeing to let me return back to the dorm. That means, no matter what you say, I get to be your roommate again.”

Another smile, this time bigger and Donghae took a breath. He was relieved by it all and drew his stare to the floor. “Jesus,” he mumbled, shaking his head. It was unbelievable with how much he felt relieved. Eunhyuk was back, across from him, in person with that goofy smile of his. So, thanks, God.

“What? Did you miss me that much?”

And there’s a soft, sarcastic chuckle as the brown-haired male shifted his view back on the cheeky ex-roo -- wait, roommate, before a hand lousily runs through his hair. “Didn’t I already tell you?” He spoke causing obvious confusion to run across the other’s face and Donghae knows he seems pathetic for feeling this way but at the same time as he notices the adorable, confused expression on the face of the male across from him, he doesn’t quite mind it after all. “It’s hard when I don’t get to see you,” and on the other side, Eunhyuk knows he’s left speechless but it’s alright cause the beats in his chest and the numerous butterflies in his stomach can do all the talking.

“I might pounce on you.”

“I didn’t miss you that much.”


It was probably 4 in the morning and Donghae stirred in his sleep, surprised with how warm he felt. He grunted, holding back much noise as his eyes drew open. To his surprise, a fluff of red strands welcomed him and he arched a brow, dazed from his peaceful slumber, to notice Eunhyuk had decided to join him in bed. Donghae snorted, not the slightest bit surprised by the other’s actions as the redhead found the perfect position, wrapped in his arms. No wonder Donghae felt so numb. He shook his head, eyes watching the silent and obviously asleep male in his hold and if Eunhyuk was awake would Donghae had merciless pushed him off his bed or pinched his cheeks in a rough manner, but he wasn’t and the awake male, at the moment, somehow didn’t mind the situation. So, readjusting himself back into a pleasant position, Donghae drew his eyelids closed.

This is what he was missing.


“I can’t feel my arms.”

Eunhyuk drew a pout, running his fingers against hazy eyes. “I said I’m sorry.”

“I believe you have your own bed, shit head.”

“Well, my bed doesn’t have you.”

Donghae focused on fixing a proper breakfast for the two, held back a chuckle at the other’s comment. Sometimes, he thinks, it’s unfair how cute Eunhyuk could unintentionally get.


A//N: omg. hi? im not sure if im going to end it here, or post a small extra chapter, but this is basically the end guys?

leehyosonnleehyosonn on July 27th, 2017 02:15 pm (UTC)
Aigoo..they are so cute! I hope they will be lovey dovey (whisper to you: "SMUT") again..and i am glad things going well between hyuk and his parents.

Thanks you for updating authornim. I was re-reading this last week😃
el3392 on September 25th, 2017 03:52 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for your update..
I will re read from the start.. I dont know u update this story..
Dont you wanna try post this story in AFF?
kartika sarikartikawaii on October 29th, 2017 12:59 pm (UTC)
update!! yey!!
thanks for updating this story, I'm really waiting your update, you know
maybe a short chapter will good, I don't know it feel like a rush or maybe it's just me
see you in next story #wink