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11 January 2016 @ 01:35 pm
prove it 15/?  
Title: Prove it.
Author: Azora_S
Pairing: Donghae x Eunhyuk [Haehyuk], Hanchul. Kyumin. Ninja!KyuHyuk.
Rating: PG-13
Length: Chapter 15/? - Previous chapters can be found -- HERE

Summary: "If so prove it. Study. Let’s see you get good grades and if you exceed in next week’s exam with at least a 85% or higher, then I’ll take back everything I said and maybe I’ll even consider going out with you"

“I am going to punch that smile off your face. Just watch." Donghae spoke, his voice harsh as eyes daggered into his best friend and Kyuhyun grinned, further annoying the frustrated brunette. Donghae tried to keep his focus off the recent test he had just received. Unfortunately, it was his worst one yet.

Moreover, the asswipe to his left --- Kyuhyun, had actually beat him.

Donghae was annoyed. Pissed off even.

With all the recent events that happened prior, the male was barely able to focus on his school life and despite even being the smartest, he had realized that maybe sometimes--, he needed a good studying as well but that thought only pissed him off further. To the point that if Kyuhyun smirked at him one more time, Donghae was tempted to shave the boy's perfect eyebrows off.

"Man, I didn't know Eunhyuk had this much affect on you." The smartass spoke again and Donghae growled, eyes focused on getting back to his dorm.

"I don't know what the fuck you're talking about." The brunette managed to reply.

"Perhaps 'a little break' could give you a hint."

And Donghae forced himself to picture the reaction of an eyebrow-less Kyuhyun.


"What are you doing here?" The brunette asked, eyes briefly glancing over at the sudden redhead in his dorm.

It wasn't much of a shock to see the other from time to time, Eunhyuk enjoyed dropping by but still Donghae had a habit of asking. "Yesterday." Eunhyuk spoke and god, that word alone got the brunette anxious. Yesterday-- they both knew what happened yesterday. However, Donghae kept his cool, a hum his usual answer before he made way to the kitchen. Eyes searching for something to munch on in an attempt to avoid the awkward conversation that was surely going to happen. Yes, he, Lee Donghae took charge are kissed his ex-roommate ... twice. But so what? What was there to really explain?

Correction, what was Donghae supposed to explain.

However, the conversation faded and silence filled the void as the brunette glanced over his shoulder to witness Eunhyuk scanning certain papers on his desk. "I didn't know Lee Donghae was capable of scoring anything below a 90." Eunhyuk spoke out and Donghae lousily scratched the back of his neck. "I haven't been paying much attention these days." He admitted honestly and to be completely truthful there was only one reason as to why.

Donghae, though, kept his stare on the quiet male before him, somehow the redhead seemed engrossed in whatever were on those tests. "Did you come here to go through my work?"

"Are these marks because of me?" A sudden retort from the other got the male by surprise and Eunhyuk blinked when there wasn't a quick response. "Are" -- finally the brunette interrupted, "aren't you conceited, I just had a lot of things on my mind so I wasn't able to catch up on a few things. It's not a big deal."

Still, Eunhyuk wasn't completely convinced and pulled up a pout. "It is, isn't it? I've been bothering you a lot these days and we're not even roommates." He drew his attention back on the marks in his hand. "Do you wanna take a break? I mean with whatever we're having ..."

The sudden proposal, however, got Donghae to raise an eyebrow. How stupid it sounded made him shake his head. Of course the other would suggest something like that. Them distancing will obviously have no impact, the brunette decided not to study. It was his choices that affected his grades so why the fuck was he so upset over the suggestion? Nevertheless, as Eunhyuk continued expressing how Donghae should focus on his studies for awhile, the brunette growled. He obviously wasn't going to play push and pull with the other, so, "fine." And at those words, Eunhyuk stopped talking. "Let's take that break."


Donghae thought it was going to be easy. The final test before Christmas break was just a day away, however, not being able see the redhead for nearly two weeks now was a feeling Donghae didn't come to like. It was weird; he would have blessed this opportunity two months ago.

It was also difficult because admitting he had an attraction-- some sort of feeling for Eunhyuk felt as if he had to crush his pride down and kneel. I mean, for months he had rejected the boy, constantly telling him that there were no mutual feelings and now suddenly there might be more than some and the brunette surely didn't know how to address it. It was embarrassing. Donghae doesn't do embarrassing and surely Donghae doesn't get overwhelmed with feelings so why the fuck does the flustered image of Eunhyuk in his car keep replaying in his head.

A sigh escaped his lips. His eyes falling onto the blue colored sticky note on his textbook. It was crazy how before all of this it was Eunhyuk in his certain position; it was that boy that worked his ass off to study and achieve good grades in order to gain Donghae's recognition.

But now with the tables being turned it was Donghae's time and boy, he could only wonder why he was trying so hard than ever before.

Though even that answer was obvious.


Eunhyuk was ready to throw himself in a well, a huge never-ending well and y’know, just disappear off the surface of the Earth like every anime character that he obviously doesn’t watch. It was like his mind was his own enemy; images of strictly Donghae were on repeat and the redhead had to constantly reconsider his sanity level. It was like just a couple of days, alright maybe three and a half, but that shouldn’t be nothing. He was his own person --- he didn’t need to depend on Donghae’s sole presence and his scrumptious body to give him the energy to keep on living, alright. He was independent and stable and a lousy groan escaped his throat.

Fuck Donghae for having an irresistible presence.

The redhead glanced at the clock, it was finally the last day of their break. In about two hours, the brown-haired smartass would be finished with his test and hopefully, (with the good mark Eunhyuk knows the other is going to get) they can reunite and actually talk about the prior events that happened between them.

The male bit against his lips, the whole scenario making him (almost) turn into a blushing virgin and goddamn, he just can’t help the feelings that settle inside him. Lee Donghae had kissed him ... and it was apparently twice. The redhead closed his eyes and plopped back onto his bed, tomorrow ... if luck is nice to them, he’d be able to see Donghae again.


Finally it was done and Donghae was more than pleased.

It was easy to find out his mark and thus with the satisfying score of 100 (he went try-hard for this) there was that huge temptation to rub it in a certain brat's face (because obviously, Kyuhyun sulking was entertaining) but Donghae had another matter to attend.

And so, approximately 2 hours later, Eunhyuk stared in shock at the new presence.

"Donghae? Why are you here?", his words faded the moment the other walked right past him. Donghae, himself wasn't sure exactly what his purpose was here, however, the moment his test finished at 9, the only thought he had was to show off to his ex-roommate. "Um," the male then began, "I finished the test. Got a perfect score. So, I just came by to let you know that I did good and you don't have to worry about being a distraction." Donghae had suddenly informed, though, his words ended up like rambles themselves.

Nevertheless, Eunyuk's eyes lit up at the comment. It was good to know that the test went well, that his forceful attempts to stay away ended with a good result. Still, the male was surprised by the personal visit, he was expecting a text or a situation in which he, himself had to personally drop into the other's dorm to find out and smiled, still it felt nice. Like he was actually being thought off. "Man, a perfect score, huh? Maybe I should keep staying awhile from you." It was weird, the comment was supposed to be a joke and yet the redhead felt an awkward cringe at just the possibility.

Donghae could obviously do better without his annoying presence disrupting him all the time and let's be honest---

"No." It was sudden and cold and Eunhyuk could only raise his eyebrows with confusion. Though, as there wasn't a further explanation to the sudden outburst, he dryly chuckled, a hand rubbing the back of his neck. "You're back to giving me mixed signals--"

And Donghae decided there were times when his pride needed to be pushed aside, because he wasn't going to waste a second chance. "It’s weird without your constant disruptions."


"It was hard ... to not see you."

Eunhyuk blinked, the sudden confession not even close to what he was expecting. But, he stayed quiet, observing the eyes of his ex-roommate because if this so happens to be another lame joke, the redhead was quite sure he wouldn't be able to handle it. "I don't get it," he nervously spoke up, fingers unknowingly fiddling together. There was nothing more he could process and Donghae noticed the delicateness before stepping forward, he was stepping on thin ice and he prayed he wouldn't fall in this time. "That kiss in the car, I wasn't lying when I said that was what happened between us the day you were drunk." Donghae explained, his body nearly inches away from the redhead. "I thought I could handle a little break but," a light sarcastic scoff escaped his lips, "I was trying to play myself."

"Are you saying--"

"--- that I missed you ... yes."


"Yup, that bastard was studying non-stop since you left him," Kyuhyun chuckled over the phone.

After realizing the missing presence of his fellow best friend, he called up Donghae to only have a certain redhead pick up the phone, instead. It was easy to put the pieces together after that and despite being nothing more than a brat to the smart-ass, Kyuhyun also enjoyed being a secret wingman. "I'm only saying this because it's apparently my duty as that jerk's best friend but in all honestly, Donghae finds you special and you know him, he isn't the one to be open up about his feelings."

Eunhyuk glanced at the floor of his bedroom, "he said that he missed me today," at that there was a sudden shout from the other line, obviously out of pure surprise but the redhead predicted it and kept going, "but I'm scared, if this is real -- if this is legit then when it all comes crashing down it'll be twice as painful."

"Can I tell you something?" Kyuhyun took over, his voice falling softer than usual, "Donghae called me the day he found out about his feelings, we were talking on the phone and when I asked him why he just didn't go and tell you that himself, he told me something that was unlike him."

"What did he sa--"

"He told me that because you were worth so much that a simple confession would not make up for all the times he hurt you."

There was a sudden lump in his chest and Eunhyuk didn't know if it was because he was surprised, shocked or ...happy. "Someone that picked to go down a harder route in order to face the consequences despite not being forced to, do you know what I personally think Eunhyuk?" Kyuhyun continued, "that if something does happen that, that someone would be left three times more broken."


A//N: Baaaack with the next update. The end is almost here, guys. /cries.
kidospencer: straw milkhyukkieaddict on June 29th, 2016 06:18 pm (UTC)
IT'S A GOOD UPDATE CRIES!!!! donghae finally opened up to hyukjae and ohmygod what he said to kyuhyun is making me (and obviously) hyukjae happy ;____; your fic isn't that fluffy but always have this simple cutest thing that makes me giggle madly XD