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31 December 2015 @ 07:21 pm
prove it 14/?  
Title: Prove it.
Author: Azora_S
Pairing: Donghae x Eunhyuk [Haehyuk], Hanchul. Kyumin. Ninja!KyuHyuk.
Rating: PG-13
Length: Chapter 14/? - Previous chapters can be found -- HERE

Summary: "If so prove it. Study. Let’s see you get good grades and if you exceed in next week’s exam with at least a 85% or higher, then I’ll take back everything I said and maybe I’ll even consider going out with you"

“My apologizes Young Master Lee, your father had to leave. The company needed his assistance.” A woman, somewhat around her fifties, informed. She bowed twice and excused herself to the kitchen; she knew no words of complaints or anything 'selfish' would escape the brunette’s mouth and frowned. Living with the Lee Family for nearly decades now, even as their simple worker, the woman had already figured out the young master’s emotions-- she had understood the heart of Donghae’s more than his parents did but still, with her position, there was nothing more she could do but watch.

“Of course.” The brunette whispered, his arms falling back to his side. He couldn’t help but to feel disappointed. After he turned the age of twelve 'promises' became nothing more than a simple word in the dictionary, the pinky swears, cross my hearts all disappearing from his existence.

In the end, they were all just paragraphs of obvious lies ... and yet, stll Donghae was naive enough to believe that at least one would hold some truth.

Jerking his head to the left, the brunette blankly stared at the completely dazed redhead beside him, a small unnoticeable smile twitching the corner of his lips as he momentarily found himself forgetting about his worries. “You seem surprised.” Donghae mocked. Already figuring out the answer to the other’s unbelievable expression. “You jackass. You’re … rich.” Eunhyuk managed to find his voice, brown orbs settling over the obvious mansion in front of him. How could that happen? The dickhead who openly hated the rich was rich?

“Well you see…” Donghae began, not really anticipating the day that the redhead found out about his wealth. His mind had fumbled to get a proper response but a formal call for his name grabbed his attention, and pathetically excusing him with a quick “be right back,” Eunhyuk watched as the household’s young master childishly fled up the stairs.

“Excuse me young-”

“Please call me Eunhyuk.” The said male happily replied as eyes met with the earlier assistant. She bowed, indicating the approval before sketching a smile. “Excuse me Eunhyuk-shii, but would you like some fresh oranges?” She had then questioned, a tray held in front, the bowl of oranges becoming both their attention as she slowly jerked it forward and Eunhyuk smiled, nodding. “Thank you.” He spoke, the warmness of her smile making one reflect his own lips.

However, as another bow was made, acknowledging her leave, the redhead once again spoke. “I apologize if I sound meddlesome but what is the young master’s relationship with his parents?” He muttered nervously knowing it wasn’t right to interfere in someone’s personal life but the first step inside the house sparked his curiosity. The design of pure artistic richness was evident from each section of the house and yet somehow, --- just somehow, the package didn’t come with the fresh feeling of warmth and Eunhyuk, scientist or not could understand the tension that came with Donghae’s first step inside.

The old lady, however, stood slightly stunned, the question catching her off guard before she nodded. “All I am privileged to say is that, Master Lee would give up his whole wealth to enjoy just five minutes with his parents.” She explained, her eyes lowering onto her knotted fingers. It was silence after and soon her back bent forward, bowing for the nth time that moment before she finally walked away, her eyes not daring to glimpse back at the surprised redhead as she could hear the return of their young master from the kitchen.

Returning from upstairs Donghae quirked his eyebrows at the silent male. “Are you that shocked?” He mocked, flickering the other softly on the forehead and Eunhyuk groaned in annoyance. “You still got some explaining to do, Mr. Lee.” He growled, rubbing the sore spot but Donghae grumbled, also showing his irritation as he headed for the door. “I’m going to grab something to eat.” He mumbled; however, before even taking the first step towards the kitchen, Eunhyuk grabbed the brunette’s wrist.

“Stop running away.” The redhead mumbled and equally frustrated, he began to drag the male upstairs. His eyes confusedly scanned the long corridor, though, frowned at the numerous doors each wall held. “So, which one is yours?” Eunhyuk asked almost child-like, however, not gaining an answer from the stubborn male behind, the redhead randomly picked a room and glanced inside before doing the same three other times and finally figuring out the brunette’s room (the alien carpet make it obvious) both males entered.

He locked the door carefully behind and placed his hands on his hips before swiftly turning around to face the annoyed ex-roommate.

“You could have at least let me grab a bite.” Donghae muttered before stumbling to his bed exhausted.

“Well if you had properly explained yourself, I wouldn’t have done any of this.” Eunhyuk countered and both males scoffed. “So please go ahead ... explain.”

“None of this is mine. It’s my parent’s wealth.” The brunette decide to finally speak up, his eyes fluttered closed as both could hear the soft sigh that escaped his throat. “There was this family. A hardworking father, a beautiful mother and their favorite child. Just like every other family they were average and had to carry a lot of difficulties on their shoulders. Deadlines for mortgages, debts from friends, overdue bills, however, it was a family that the child had always thanked the world for giving to him. Everyday walking home from school his mother was always there with a smile, praising him on the things he did that day. Playing games or helping around the house both had anticipated the arrival of father. And when he came, his exhausted and tiring face purposely vanished with his first step into their house, pushing away his worries for his family, he made both the mother and child feel like the future would be good.”

Eunhyuk found himself lost at the sudden story. “And so what happened to this family?” He decided to question, a push for the other to go on with his tale. He could feel the emotions that wavered inside the other from the way he spoke. His voice fading once in a while, his sentences gaining pauses in the middle -- it was different, even for Donghae.

“They won the lottery.”

That made the redhead squint in surprise. The answer quite unexpected. “Then isn’t that good? They could finally overcome their difficulties.”

“Nearly fifty million dollars, obviously the family was happy. All their stress had easily lifted off their shoulders but soon that money tripled and tripled. His father gained a business which grew and became one of the top in the world. Many different men worked under him as his name spread from country to country. Mother also invested but into a smaller business, beginning a shopping website which expanded as time passed, it became overseas and famous international. Both these parents became successful but thanks to their road of wealth they had forgot about the one thing that they worked so hard for. They were too busy on their own they forgot about me."

Silence crept and Donghae allowed a sigh to escape his lips. Somehow this whole day was just exhausting.

His eyes flickered over to his silent ex-roommate, cocking his head to the side. Eunhyuk, his gaze fell on the redhead's eyes, the lad still trying to retain the sudden slur of information, was definitely a mystery. From being nothing more than a mere roommate that only knew how to tamper with his irritation to now the one male that was currently standing in his very own room, witnessing something more personal, Donghae could only wonder how unpredictable his life truly become. His view dropped, falling onto the crook of the other's nose and heck, how did he open up so easily? Eunhyuk had seen the emotionless robot upset, distraught, and frustrated within the span of them being roommates and that surely wasn't an easy accomplishment especially against someone that enjoyed keeping things private. Though, his stare fell to the reddened lips and Donghae remembered the adventures that took them to their current position. The road with uphill battles and regrets yet with memories and nonregrets, what would have happened if Eunhyuk-- that bubbly cling-on, was not the one that entered his dorm room during his first year to claim to be his roommate for the next couple of years?

Donghae blinked at how strong that thought had affected him.


"God, how the fuck did you get that drunk so fast?" Donghae grunted. The night had seemed rather endless; with spending the morning at Eunhyuk's, to taking the redhead out to their promised dinner and then driving to his own house for a failed confrontation with his father, the ex-roommate had decided to also spend the last few hours before sunrise getting completely intoxicated. Eunhyuk went crazy with the alcohol and beer bottles in his house to only then lose the one-sided battle against his tolerance. Donghae didn't even know why he bothered with the redhead at times because now he had to get the other back home and into his own bed.

But, you see, that wasn't going to happen and the moment Eunhyuk toppled back onto his bum, Donghae decided to admit defeat, the redhead had to sleepover for the night.

He had decided to avoid stripping down the other to force him into more comfortable clothes because it'd probably be a hassle and walked over to his own closet. There was silence and Donghae took that as the right sign to change into his gray sweats. He could feel the aches in his eyelids, signalling him to hurry and get to bed and lousily tugged his black shirt over his head and down his bare chest. Though, that urgency to get some rest disappeared as brown orbs flickered to the ex-roommate, who kept his position on the carpeted floor. "It's cold," Eunhyuk mumbled, half-assed and Donghae could only shake his head before walking towards the male.

"Cause you decided to go for a late night run to the convenience store, despite my warnings," the brunette responded, almost cheeky-like but still he stuck out his hand and helped the other back onto his feet.

The coldness on Eunhyuk's fingers had certainly surprised the other and dropping his stare onto the slim pale fingers, Donghae sighed. "Your fingers are cold." He decided to repeat and the redhead sulked, keeping his stare on the other's, "I just told you that--" though, there was a halt on his words and Eunhyuk inched forward, closing whatever distance they had between them. He blinked, brown orbs darkening with clouds of haziness. "You're so warm," he mumbled, almost in a whine and Donghae found himself stuck in position, (mostly because he knew if he moved, Eunhyuk would have tumbled forward). "Thanks for that information, now come on, let's get you to bed," however it was now his turn to feel tongue-tied and keeping up his stare on the other, Donghae blinked once slender fingers ran under his shirt and up his sides. "God, you're fucking drunk."

"Eunhyuk," the brunette spoke, but his words were tangled under his breath and despite being completely used to the random skinship Eunhyuk would constantly do, this time seemed a whole lot different now that both sides might be wanting the same outcome. "Bed." Donghae growled, trying to ignore the soft touches against his sides, running up almost to his ribcages. Eunhyuk didn't budge and instead pressed closer. "It's so cold though." He managed to respond, his voice faint, nearly in a whisper and Donghae almost lost his control.

He was surprised, a drunk fragile Eunhyuk was never supposed to be a weakness and there was then a shudder than ran down his back telling him otherwise.

He kept his spot, trying to hold down his ground but Donghae wasn't a saint and as brown orbs flickered across the redhead, he noticed a few things; like the heat from the alcohol that adorned his cheeks with a taint of red or the mix of haziness and childlike adoration that were hidden in his eyes, Eunhyuk was a pretty one. Donghae couldn't help but to admit it and boy, he knew he was getting lost in his temptations again because as fingers taunted up his sides, the brunette helplessly found himself ignoring all the given consequences. Fucking shit. Donghae leaned, capturing Eunhyuk's lips after what seemed like a decade of waiting.

His own firmly pressing against the soft tender ones.

And boy was it warm.


(the next day...)

Eunhyuk nervously stole a stare at the silent ex-roommate. It had been more than 4 hours now and from clear observations, he had assumed that the other was giving him the cold shoulder. Or-- at least something happened and now his ex-roommate doesn't want to talk to him. He was known for not being able to hold his liquor but surely he didn't do stupid things when drunk, or at least he had liked to believe that and now it truly sucked because the fellow redhead had actually no memories of what exactly happened last night.

To be honest, all he remembers is waking up to an empty bed (that smelled like Donghae) and though it was a rather nice awakening, despite the fact the other wasn't beside him --- Eunhyuk couldn't help but to feel anxious as to why the hell he was there in the first place.

"Um-- thanks for offering to take me back home." He decided to finally break the ice. Something definitely happened. But what exactly was it? Did they fight? Did he embarrass him? Did he puke all over the other's shirt? Eunhyuk almost sulked when there was no answer from his mind. Nonetheless, Donghae kept the silence, responding back with only faint 'hums' or 'yeahs' and Eunhyuk for some reason, knew he should be hiding in a deep hole somewhere.

Though, unfortunately for the both of them, the redhead wasn't one that enjoyed leaving things empty -- especially if it involved his ex-roommate and him, so re-gathering his strength and all his courage, (in addition to giving the lord a quick hopeful prayer), Eunhyuk glanced at the other. "Did I do something wrong...?" His voice was strangely quieter than usual and both could sense the suddenly tensed, serious atmosphere. Still Donghae kept his peace, not even bothering to let out a hum that time around and so of course, Eunhyuk took that as fuck, he messed up.

"I'm sorry. For whatever I did... I'll take full responsibility, just -- um," his was shockingly at a loss for words, not knowing how to explain or apologize for something he didn't even remember and bit his bottom lip, troubled. "Don't do that--" Donghae finally spoke up and Eunhyuk blinked, his eyes averting back to the driver.

"Do what?'

"That. The lip-bite. Don't do that."

Boy, was this day surely confusing and at the unexpected command, Eunhyuk automatically let go of his lips. "Um, do you mind if you tell me exactly what happened last night?" the male finally asked, curiosity nearly killing him at the moment. Whatever it was-- he felt like it'd be better knowing than to die not and Donghae kept his words to a minimum as he finally pulled over, parking the car right in front of the other's house. There were no words really exchanged those few seconds and Eunhyuk nervously kept his gaze on the other. However soon enough, he understood Donghae was probably not going to utter a word and sighed, glancing briefly at his house.

"Would you like to come in for a while? I'm pretty sure Ryeowook would be happy to see you."

"No. It's alright. I need to get back---"

There was a noticeable frown that settled on Eunhyuk's lips and Donghae swore for the nth time that car ride. When did it get so hard to avoid the other?

"God, I probably did something so stupid yesterday night--" And Donghae interrupted, his eyes focused on unclipping his seat beat. "If you want to know," he then spoke, his voice strangely husked as he glanced back at the redhead and leaning forward, his hands against the side of Eunhyuk's car seat, he once again pressed lips. The strange yet familiar sensation pooling back into both their stomachs as the kiss lasted a couple of seconds, yet felt like way less and as Donghae finally felt the strength to pull away, yet not far -- their faces merely inches apart, the brunette glanced darkly at the flustered redhead.

"That is what we did last night -- what I ... did to you last night."


A//N: I am back. /cries. Please hold back all the rocks and tomatoes and everything you wish to throw my way. Though, I said I haven't abandoned this story, and in all honesty, I haven't cause I'm back, right? /bricked. Forgive me, guys. T__T. I AM HOWEVER, finished this story and will be updating the remaining chapters over time, so please watch out for them. I seriously love all you guys. xoxo ? C:
shin_ah_mishin_ah_mi on January 1st, 2016 08:17 am (UTC)
is this the real life or is tthis just fantasy?
omg! an update!
leehyosonn: pic#121722660leehyosonn on January 1st, 2016 02:45 pm (UTC)
Seriously? Donghae is rich! Wow! And i know after that kiss it will be hae that head over heels for hyuk..

And welcome back authornim!
jewelf_13: hyuk bluejewelf_13 on January 3rd, 2016 10:26 am (UTC)
Wow i almost forgot what is this fic all about. Thank you for updating anyway. Huhu...now donghae just cant resist hyukjae anymore weehooo
Jessamine Bernice Mendigo: hug eunhaejessabcm on January 4th, 2016 03:26 pm (UTC)
yes you are back~ kkk
and the kiss!! more lol (i sounded like a pervert xD)

thanks for the update <3

Edited at 2016-01-04 03:27 pm (UTC)
eosinredeosinred on February 6th, 2016 02:31 am (UTC)
Oh wow. It honestly been a while since I read a fanfic about otp and this brought the feelings crashing right back. Donghae, the asshat Donghae, finaly giving in to Eunhyuk -----two kisses! I got a heart attack twice I think.

I know we're not close and alll but i am sooooo happy to see you again. I hope to read more from you soon!
kidospencer: straw milkhyukkieaddict on March 9th, 2016 04:29 pm (UTC)
donghae kissed hyuk more than once omgggg i can't wait to see hyuk's adorable reaction XD