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11 July 2012 @ 04:23 pm
Newlyweds. { Final }  
Title: Newlyweds. ( HaeHyuk Version. ]
Author: Azora_S
Pairing: Donghae x Eunhyuk
Rating: PG-13
Length: Chapter seventeen/seventeen - Previous chapters can be found --  here
Genre: Fluff? Comedy. Romance. Complete Fail

A story revolving around the loving newlyweds, Donghae and Eunhyuk. Who live an amazing sweet life, except for the fact that they hate each others guts. Though what would happen if one day ... mother is law wants to meet them?

A/N: I ISH FINALLY DONE. I am so sorry it took so long, my poor readers suffered a lot. T_T.

Eunhyuk huffed, his face scrunching in annoyance as he captured the view of his husband. The said brunette neglecting his craved attention. “Jerk…” He whispered to himself, his arms crossed as he continued to stare at the other who was unfortunately too busy unpacking the luggage from the car.

“What? Attention deprived?” A small mischief voice chuckled beside him as Eunhyuk ignored the fellow friend, not even bothering to respond particularly beside it was completely true. “It’s because you idiots had to come along.” The redhead sneered equally mischievous as Chyun let out another laugh. His own eyes gazing at his boyfriend who also helped unpack, both males having their own private conversation.

“It’s supposed to be our anniversary but ever since the trip here that bastard hasn’t spent any dam minute with me.” Eunhyuk continued his childish whines as Chyun just simply shook his head. It was finally their first anniversary as an official wedded couple; a trip was planned due to their lack of honeymoon and Eunhyuk was more than excited. However, not only did Brian and Chyun decide to tag alone, claiming they needed their own adventure but since their arrival Donghae didn’t spare even a glance towards his direction.

“Stop sulking. Once we grab our rooms you’ll have him all to yourself.” Chyun explained patting his friend’s back for reassurance as both males then watched their lovers’ wave, signalling they were done.

“We thankfully already booked the rooms, so Brian was wondering if we should hit the beach afterwards.” Donghae randomly questioned, his eyes more interested on the bags of luggage, secretly cursing his wife for packing way more than necessary. “Ooh, that sounds great.’ Chyun squealed right after and Brian smirked. The plan to go being successfully created as the four males then made their way inside.

“Room 204...” Eunhyuk mumbled, his eyes scanning the given room cards in curiosity. Just anticipating the trip with Donghae making his heart flutter as both duos finally reached their assigned rooms. “We’ll meet in two hours then.” The brunette informed as the rest nodded before finally entering their own rooms. Chyun and Brian already disappearing behind their door while Donghae grumpily grabbed the rest of the luggage before entering, his leg kicking the door closed.

Finally they were alone and Eunhyuk grinned at the thought as he stared at his exhausted husband, the male gently throwing the luggage on the bed before letting out a couple of stretches. “I’ll go and take a shower.” He then spoke, a smile thrown at his wife before he grabbed a stack of clothes and headed towards the washroom leaving behind a dumfounded redhead. “Are you serious?!” Eunhyuk squeaked right after he heard the water sprinkle, his eyes narrowing in annoyance as he then stomped his way towards his luggage. Grumbling with every of his movement.


“You pervert” Chyun mumbled as Brian chuckled, his lips trailing kisses down the other’s neck. Inhaling the fresh perfume of his lover. “You know in two hours we can do a lot of things.” Brian teased his voice slightly husky as Chyun kept himself from being weak in the knees before pushing the other away. “No can do.” He then innocently responded, a sly grin plastering his face as he then began to unpack some of the suitcases. Already enjoying the vacation, he purposely ignored his boyfriend’s whines.

“Fine then can I at least a kiss?” The older one huffed, his mouth perking out as he patiently waited for his lover’s lips knowing that the boy wouldn’t refuse and Chyun laughed at the childish action before doing so. His lips tenderly planting themselves on his boyfriend for a quick chaste kiss. “That’s all.” The male ruled effectively as Brian chuckled but nonetheless nodded.

“Until tonight that is.”


Eunhyuk let a sigh of relief, finally exiting the bathroom, successfully finishing his own shower. The feeling of being refreshed making him grin while his eyes automatically dropped on his husband who was fixing himself in front of the double body-length mirrors. His eyes focused on properly buttoning up one of his infamous plaid shirts in pure concentration as Eunhyuk giggled. His legs strolling towards the unaware male before slipping himself just in front, blocking the brunette’s proper view of his reflection.

“Does this one look better or the red one?” Donghae indecisively asked, debating on which one he should wear. His fingers were then replaced by the redhead’s as he watched the other teasingly undo his fixed buttons. Letting the bare skin peek out once again. “I personally prefer the red one.” Eunhyuk answered with a smirk, the view of his husband’s muscular upper half making him secretly blush as the oblivious Donghae nodded. His hands grabbing the hold of the red plaid shirt before replacing it with the one he was currently wearing.

“You’re staring like you’re trying to devour me.” Donghae mocked, his eyes once again focusing on buttoning up his newly put on shirt. His mind already predicting the other male’s reaction as Eunhyuk stuttered before turning his attention onto the mirror behind him. His gaze concentrated on his own style as he began to fix his own shirt, ignoring his evil husband. “Hae…” The redhead then began, his focus on his clothes immediately disappearing while the other lazily hummed in response. His own stare deeply watching both their reflections.

Eunhyuk once again turned around, his arms happily swinging over the slightly taller male’s neck as he snuggled in closer. “I’m hungry.”

Donghae quirked his eyebrows at his wife, his fingers adjusting his collar. “Then go buy yourself some food.” Was his bland response as the redhead continued to keep up his childish pout. “Buy it for me.” He demanded the coldness from his husband making him annoyed as the brunette sighed. “You’re the one that’s hungry so therefore you’re the one that should buy it.” He reasoned out and Eunhyuk scowled, “But don’t you love me?”

And within a second Donghae responded jokingly. “Not at all.”

Eunhyuk pouted as he punched the male’s chest, irritated with the answer. “You’re not romantic at all.” He then growled, the hazelnut eyes of his husband’s grabbing all his attention before he immediately removed his position from the brunette. “Jerk,” he particularly yelled while walking away.


“Those two are always late.” Brian hissed as he knocked on the door just across from theirs for about the tenth time. It was fifth-teen minutes passed from the arranged time and still the couple weren’t in sight. Even banging and yelling from outside didn’t grab their attention as Brian continued his endless swearing. Blaming just Donghae with random unrelated insults. “That no good hippo…”

“Maybe they're having a passionate moment…” Chyun chuckled while Brian shivered at the thought, thanking his lover for giving him some extreme nightmares. –And knocking once more Brian nearly shouted in glee as the door opened to reveal a rather … pissed off fish. “What?” Donghae questioned in pure coldness as both Chyun and Brian quirked their eyebrows in confusion. “Umm, excuse me president but we planned to go to the beach, remember?” Brian responded equally annoyed and soon after, all three heard Eunhyuk’s also irritated voice from inside the room.

“See idiot. I told you there was someone at the door.” The redhead shouted openly as Donghae rolled his eyes. “Sorry, our plans are cancelled. Have fun at the beach for us.” He quickly responded and within a second the door was slammed right in the two confused friend’s faces.

“Well that’s definitely not passionate…” Chyun chuckled as he stared at his lover who glared. “Stupid hippo.”


“And can you tell me the reason why you’re exactly mad for?” Donghae sneered, his arms crossed as he watched his glaring wife. The redhead just on the opposite side, his hands on his hips as he shook his head at his husband’s stupid question. “Because I’m unfortunately married to a prick.” He bluntly explained, huffing to exaggerate while the brunette chuckled heartlessly, his back lazily leaning against the closet behind him. “May I remind you that you fell in love first and in addition you’re the one that suddenly called me a jerk.”

“That’s because you are one.”

“Well nonetheless you fell for this jerk.”

“And that’s what I’m regretting.”

Donghae frowned, acknowledging he probably wasn’t going to win over the other and thankfully he didn’t need to continue with the dam argument as another knock on the door was heard. His body already moving towards the waxed wooden door as he curiously pulled it open. His eyes capturing the view of one of the many employees’ within the hotel, the maroon coloured outfits indicating it as he moved aside. Allowing the male to enter, his hands pushing a large trolley inside before he bowed and then quickly disappeared.

“What’s that?” Eunhyuk innocently questioned, his hands moving from his hips as his ears nearly perked in interest.

“Your dam food.” Donghae grumbled, his hands digging back into his pockets as he returned to a childish huff. “I wasn’t sure what you where craving for so I picked some random stuff” he honestly explained, like a kid making breakfast for his mother. “You… bought me food?” Eunhyuk suddenly questioned, the unexpected event making him confused as he stared at his pouting husband. His hand then reaching for the gigantic sliver lid, pulling it upwards to reveal the various types of food underneath.

From breakfast right down to the desserts, drinks and even appetizers where all found.

“That’s why I told you to go buy some but n-” Donghae’s endless rant slowly hushed as he felt familiar lips crash onto his own, surprising him. “It’s not my fault. You haven’t paid any god dam attention to me during the whole god dam trip and when I asked you if you loved me you said not at all… prick.” Eunhyuk then took over the rambling and Donghae blinked. His arms sneakily sliding over what was his and captured the skinny waist of his wife before pulling him in. “Craving for my attention eh?” the brunette teased and the redhead rolled his eyes. His fingers trailing down his husband’s chest as he once again allowed his lips to meet the others’.

“Therefore now all of your attention should be on me.” He childishly demanded to which Donghae happily obeyed, dragging the flustered wife towards the mattress.


[approximately ten minutes later.]

“Stop cursing Hae.” Eunhyuk sighed for the nth time as he tried to control his husband from the strong language. “Your mother simply wants to spread our love.” He tried to calm the grumpy male while restricting himself from laughing; the blow-fish expression of Donghae’s making him giggle from time to time. “But why at a time like now? She knows we’re on a dam vacation…”

“And that’s why she’s having a party here, in Jeju Island, instead.”

Donghae huffed, one moment he was just about to get some beautiful action with his wife and then the next, he was forced to go to some stupid anniversary party created by his fan girl mother. “But..”

“Oh shut up you sex-craving beast.” Brian hissed from the back seat, equally annoyed that he was also dragged into this mess. His perfect relaxation by the beach with his lover cruelly thrown out the window as this time it was Chyun who tried to contain his boyfriend’s anger, both unknown to Eunhyuk, who secretly flushed while Donghae simply hissed “You’re not any better bastard.”

“Fucking hippo.”

[at the party]

Donghae tightened his hold on his wife’s waist, his face nudging into the crook of the redhead’s neck allowing his words to be mumbled out. “Is this necessary?” The nth repeated questioned slipped out from his mouth again as Eunhyuk chuckled. His eyes fixed on designing the dessert plates, unsure on where the last strawberry should be placed. “Yes Donghae. You know your mother wanted to have this party since the day she found out we’re finally together and as her adorable in-law, I can’t refuse. So, instead of complaining and being a baby go help out your parents.” He informed a bit teasingly, already predicting the pout that was formed on the brunette’s lips.

“I can’t.” Donghae responded his eyes closed as he snuggled into the other a bit more.

“And why not?” Eunhyuk asked curiously.

“Because then I’ll miss you.” The brunette cheekily responded. A soft chaste kiss placed on the pale skin of his wife afterwards, clearly making the other fluster; finally the four had arrived to the seemingly surprise party. The place located in one of Mrs. Lee summer villa, the gathering a bit extreme but still sweet and Eunhyuk, thanks to his own mother, got forced into designing the desserts, (the male was pretty darn good at stuff like that) whileand Donghae, thanks to his own father, got put as the greeter. How was he supposed to have a decent conversation with nearly a hundred people, whom some he recognized as strangers?

“Donghae-shii. Your father is looking for you.” One of the many butlers suddenly spoke, an aging man but with a soft voice. The words making Donghae groan, his face squished deeper in the crook of his wife’s neck after muffling a quick ‘yes’.


“There you are Donghae.” Mr. Lee called in glee as he threw his arm over his son, not even bothering to capture the other’s confused face. “Your mother went a bit overboard on inviting guests … but nonetheless you should start greeting them. Your friends are also invited, but first go speak to your grandfather. He’s anxious to see you again.” His father explained showing the brunette the thousands of happy visitors as he ignored his son’s groan.

“What the heck is the point of this party?” Donghae grumbled. His eyes scanning over the familiar and not-so-familiar faces, wondering how the heck he’ll be able to have a proper conversation with these people.

“Your mother just wants to brag about her son’s relationship, so as a son just smile and accept it.” Mr. Lee sneakily responded as he then gave his son a light pat on the back before pushing him forward, giving him the signal to start and greet his guests before disappearing down a different path to do the same. “Parents…” Donghae growled as he then walked towards the aging man by the table. His smile lifting as he reached his destination.

“Donghae-ah” A soft voice called as the said man nodded. “Grandfather.” He then politely responded back, bowing to the respected man.

With a light pat on the shoulder Donghae patiently allowed his grandfather to speak. “Finally I get to see my grandson happy.” He whispered, the tint of happiness spoken with each word making Donghae smile. His eyes gazing at the beautiful scenery the backyard gave him, unknowingly slipping his hands into his pockets. “Just like your father you have that arrogant smile on. Your eyes are nearly beaming in delight but, you have to remember child, that man in the kitchen is the cause to this and you have to treat him well. You have to cherish him and give him the reason to cherish you back.” His grandfather lectured, his eyes also gazing on the natural beauty as both men then stood in silence. The chatter of the party, the remembrance of their own wives and the perfect heat from the sun speaking up for their peace.

“I will always remember that grandfather.” Donghae proudly responded as he could then hear the soft chuckle from the old man beside him. "I know you will."


Finally finding his husband, Eunhyuk tilted his head in amazement as he watched the brunette causally talk to the many visitors. His hands placed in his pockets and his charming smile advertising his lips making Eunhyuk wonder who it really was in the kitchen ten minutes ago. How could one be both an immature baby one second then a charming prince the next? That question would always be unsolved but, then again, he didn't seem to mind.

The remembrance in the kitchen began to replay in his mind as he could feel his cheeks burn. Squealing at the thought of his perfect husband, the redhead finally gathered his courage and innocently made his way towards the brunette. Pleased that most of the guests already ran themselves to the food area and allowed him the privilege to be alone with his lover. “You seem to be attracting quite the visitors.” Eunhyuk teased as he reached his husband who sheepishly grinned at his presence.

“But you seem to be attracting me more and more.” Donghae complimented, acknowledging the cheesiness he bent forward and sneakily attacked the desiring lips in front for a small peck.

Making Eunhyuk nearly weak in the knees from just that, he glared as he ignored his probably blushed face. “Jerk you can’t tease me in public.” He pouted and Donghae smirked. His hand sliding around his wife’s waist before pulling him slightly closer. “Then shall I tease in private?”

hitsu: cry!hitsugaya15 on July 12th, 2012 01:20 am (UTC)
hitsu: faints!hitsugaya15 on July 13th, 2012 12:58 am (UTC)
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dbsj0001dbsj0001 on July 12th, 2012 02:31 am (UTC)
AWWW~~ how sweet~
Donghae has mastered completely how to tease Hyukkie here~
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brattygurl2011 on July 12th, 2012 03:25 am (UTC)
I really enjoyed this story so I'm bummed that it's finished. I like how they actually don't change much, they both still tease each other and they still drive each other crazy, but it works for them. They didn't go change their personality for the other person, instead they simply opened up to each other and said what they've been hiding from each other.

They had some rocky times even from as far back as high school, but love triumphed!
Thiti / Teemochijang on July 12th, 2012 04:40 am (UTC)
I loved the grandfather/Donghae moment! That was really sweet. :)
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Awww! What an adorable conclusion to a fantastic story!
Their little argument was amusing and Hae is such a good hubby to order all of that food for him! :3
Lol, fangirl mother XD
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oh my...the ending is so cuteee!! aaah thanks for update!!
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You know, you and your story is one of my reasons for joining LJ. This story is soooo DAMN good.
I was a bit confused by how you develop the story at first but finally I understand. I'm totally captivated by this story (you know, I'm really into smut so I rarely read a PG-13 fic but heck, you've changed my preferences)
Good job!
I feel a bit sad though, now you've finished this story. I'm so sorry for just commenting this time (I hadn't have any LJ account back then, so I couldn't comment)
I'm looking forward for your next post (especially Prove it!)
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Haeee~ Take care of your wifey ^^

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and i couldn't write a proper comment coz i was deprived since from internet!!!
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it started smoothly with a fuming and hurt couple...
sweet torture and lots of misunderstanding...with some plot reversals and it did very good to the charachters and story...
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yaaaaay!finally!XD..this fic came into an end..i love the ending!hyukkie being attention-deprived of his husband... and hae being immature and cocky at the same time..his cheesy nature is really something!i totally love it..haha.. the interactions betwen the two are too cute!thanks for writing this fic!^^
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